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Constructed in 1805 by Emperor Gia Long the big outer wall is 6 meters high,11kilometers long, with 11 gates and 24 watch-towers. This royal city is surrounded by some protective walls.

Three sides of the Citadel are straight the forth is rounded slightly to follow the curve of the river.

The citadel suffered from big damages due to fire in 1945 and war bombardments. The places of interest inside the Citadel are the flag tower, Ngo Mon

Gate the Courtyard for royal ceremonies,the palace of supreme peace ,halls of the mandarins,the memorial temple for Nguyen Kings,nine holy cannons,nine dynastic urns and theForbidden Cityfor the royal families


Depart early and enjoy one of the most scenic drivers in Vietnam over the Hai Van pass .Hai Van means”ocean clounds”,the pass in known for its misty vapors rising from the sea.

At the crest of the Hai Van pass there are breathtaking views and a fantastic opportunity for taking photos

From the pass,you descend into a sequence of valleys and lagoons.The first you come to is the village of Lang Co.

Here we will stop for refreshments


The Mylai Massacre was a mass-killing by American soldiers of hundreds of unarmaed Vietnamese civilians, mostly women and children, on March 16,1968, during the Vietnam War.Becoming a symbol of US-American war crimes in Vietnam ,it prompted widespread outrage around the world and reduced public support for the war in the United States.

About 504 women ,old men,children,and babies were mindlessly slaughtered by company with almost no resistance

There is a museum here,with photos depicting the series of events on this horrific day.

The atrocities occurred over different sites within a two or three square kilometers area.Walking among the fields,you occasionally come across a memorial plaque indicating the number of people that died on that spot.

Lieutenant Calley was later court martialled and sentenced to life,but only served three of those years.

Following the US supreme Court’s refusal to hear his case ,Calley was paroled.My Lai is about 15 km North of Quang Ngai and could be a day trip there while staying in Da Nang or Hoi An


On the journey back from My Son ,you can stop off at the Thanh Ha pottery village .At your own leisure you can walk through the village and learn about the villages who make the bricks,tiles&floors slabs for the old buildings in Hoi An ,the Thanh An potters are still using the sam methods as their forefathers have done for 100’s of years.

The remainder of the journey will be on the life Boat where you can while enjoying a cold beer/soft drink


This Buddhist monastery was erected in 160 by Lord Nguyen Hoang ,the ancestor of the Nguyen dynasty.It was renovated in 1844 under King ThieuTri’s sovereignty.Legends said that one night people found an old lady sitting on this small hill,wearing a red long dress and green trousers and she claimed that this place belonged to the supernatural power,so a pagoda should be constructed here.After saying that,the lady disappeared in cloud.

Since then it was called the pagoda of the old celestial goddess


The ornate tomb of Khai Dinh ,who ruled the country from 1916 to 1925 ,is perhaps a symptom of the decline of Vietnamese culture during the colonial period.Khai Dinh –the twelfth king of the Nguyen dynasty –is the father of King Bao Dai ,the last emperor ofViet Nam.

The tomb’s construction started in 1920 and completed in 1931.It is unlike Hue’s other tombs.The combination of Asian and European Architecture and decoration ceramics inlaid style makes his mausoleum gracious and magnificent


If you want to see an important factor that has contributed to Vietnam’s history ,take this 70 minute journey south to My Son where you can enjoy a 1 kilometer trek through the jungle and visit the Hindu Temple My Son that shows that there was a lot of Indian influence long ago .The kingdom of Champa flourished from the 2nd to the 15th century.what remains of this kingdom can mainly by found at My Son

Who knows? Maybe you will solve the “riddle of the Chams.” Look closely at any one of the temples.

You’ll note there’s no mortar between the bricks.What did they use to stick them together?

You can see that the buildings were in a similar style to Angkor Wat,but its worth noting that the buildings here pre-dateAngkorby several centuries.

Their state of neglect and decay wasn’t helped by being bombed during the war.Only recntly has some attempt been made to restore some of the buildings


This excursion takes you north to an amazing complex of caves & temples set amongst marble cliffs overlooking the famous China Beach.The Marble Mountains,also referred to as Ngu Hanh Son or Nountains of the Five Elements ,sonsist of five marble mountains:

- Kim Son-Metal
- Moc Son-Wood
- Thuy Son-Water
- Hoa Son-Fire
- Tho Son-Earth.

The Marble Mountains are famous for their tranditional stonemasonry activities .In Dong Hai village close to Thuy Son ,600families chisel stone statues,jewellery,and art work.

Depart from Hoi An and take a 30 minute driver north.Upon arrival you will climb Thuy Son (Water)by the stone stairs and enjoy the panoramic view of the nearby countryside and coastal areas which were used by guerilla fighters during the Vietnamese War

There are numerous caves&temples to explore on route.

We recommended to take a Life Picnic as you may have a healthy appetite after hiking around,you can rest at the foot of the mountain,where you can enjoy a Picnic.Before departure visit Non Nuoc store village,where the local skillful sculptors create many marble products which are exported to many countries worldwide. On the way back to Hoi An we will stop at the Cham Museum .At your leisure you can look at the statues displayed of female dancers and genies which were worshipped by the cham people


Speed boat toChamIsland. Cu Lao Cham is a large island consists of serveral small islands distance 25 nautical miles off the coast from Hoi An. At the summer, if guests reaches for the island by normal boat, it takes 2 and half hour, but only 30 munites by speed boat.

Cham island has total 7 islands including Hon Lao, Hon La, Hon Kho me, Hon Kho … at the area of 16 sq.meter, whereby the largest island is Lao. Lao island is circle shape at the high of 500m, the forest here is natural, alots of woods and rare animals.

There are nice beaches at Bim and Ong beach. The island is a place where shelter for value swallow birds.

Around the island has alots of color corals under the water, about 3.000 residents living focucing at Lang and Huong beaches as fishing and agriculture. A small part of people living at the village works at service and handicraft.

The tour takes half day to Lang beach for seeing some interest places as such Au Thuyen – a shelter for boats at bad weather, an over-100 years Tay Tang pagoda remarks the Puddhism came here for long time ago, Ong temple – a place worships a big fish burried here.

08:00 Depart from Hotel

Visit Hai Tang Pagoda & Bai Lang

Freash sea food Lunch is served
Swim & Sun-bath at Bai Chong

15:00 Back to Hoian

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